About us

The concern about the environment has characterized the entire building project, from the first thought till the last roof tile. By this we´ve let the houses being built with good, authentic materials which leads to low power consumption without sacrificing comfort and indoor air quality.

The houses are kept warm with geothermal heating and a system which corrects and strive to keep the indoors at a pleasant warmth, but as well optimize the energy consumption. The same goes for the ventilation that adjusts itself depending on the number of people in the apartments. We have chosen the most energy efficient lightning and products the market has to offer. The property’s entire outdoor lighting uses less electricity than an old-fashioned light bulb. Appliances are consistently A-rated for minimum energy consumption. We have, as far as possible ensured that our contractors and suppliers meet our strict environmental standards.

We thank IVT värmepumpar with the help on the heating system. The project planning was by Top´s El värme kylteknik AB, (Electricity, heating refrigeration AB) and with Forsgrens Timmerhus has delivered buildings caring for the long building tradition in Härjedalen.

Iskuben i Hamra AB is a company of the ToP´s group.


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We also thank contractors and suppliers who contributed to the realization of our vision:

  • Centralbyggarna
  • Dala Fiberisolering AB
  • Elfunktioner i Dalarna
  • Energiborr i Töre AB
  • Funäsdalens åkeri
  • Fyrfasen Energi AB
  • GK Ventilation i Stockholm
  • Härjedalssotarn AB
  • Komimilla Bygg
  • BJ golv och kakel design AB
  • Grönländaren AB (PK Måleri)
  • Nordgrens Entreprenad AB
  • Pinnens Fjällgård
  • Roslagens Kopiering & Print AB
  • R & H Byggteknik
  • Skarvliden Consulting HB
  • Svenska Husgruppen/Forsgrens
  • VVS-centrum
  • Västerås värme och sanitet
  • XL Fresk AB