Your accommodation in the hill!


Iskuben hamra lägenhet 2, matplats

4-6 beds

Apartments for smaller groups and families.

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Iskuben hamra lägenhet 3, kök

8-10 beds

Apartments for medium sized groups.

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Iskuben hamra lägenhet 5, stor suga

22-25 beds

Apartments for big groups and companies.

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We offer numerous services which can provide help and enjoyment on your holiday.

You can have your bed embedded before your arrival and we also take care of the beds alike the laundry.
The price range can be asked, directed to Stugvärden.

Cleaning before your departure is mandatory. Since it is vital, for you as a private costumer to gain RUT-deduction on cleaning. Therefore, we have chosen not to impose this cost to the rent.

The cost of cleaning is; seen before and after the RUT-deduction when you book one of our apartments.

Cook your own meals or rent a chef! With more options to favour you in the kitchen:

  • Grocery can be ordered through Stugvärden who delivers basic goods, organic and locally produced directly to your door.
    Stugvärden can also ensure that the fridge, freezer and pantry is filled for your arrival.
  • With Stugvärden, we´re able to offer menu items for a short weekend or a whole week, everything from home cooking to gourmet cuisine.
  • An exciting guest appearance in the kitchen? We can provide a chef to cook with you in the apartment, together you plan a dish by your request. In these package offers we suggest to go for the local, season bases ingredients, from fresh fish to hand-picked mushrooms. Temporary cook is a services eligible for the RUT deduction.
  • Iskubens proximity to the slopes make lunch at home a good alternative – in the area are otherwise
    eateries for both lunches and dinners.
  • Down the ski slope at the bottom lies the tavern serving local specialties cooked with care for each commodity:
    table reservation is done at 0684-22270 or 070-2576118.
  • Hamra Wärdshus offers everything from breakfast, lunch and bistro menu for a tasty Härjedals Buffet.
    Every weekend from Lucia there will be after-ski with live bands. During the weekend evenings the restaurant becomes a cozy nightclub.
  • TP Restaurant & amp; Bar (formerly Tännporten) is a new venture with a more youthful twist. A dashing restaurant and bar, great menu, sports on TV and a hefty bar area.


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